Thank you for visiting.  As the focus and purpose of this page has changed to focus on teacher development updates will be coming.  

I hope to serve fellow teachers with two things on this site.  First, I hope to provide some guidance and perspective that will promote your students' conceptual understanding.  This will be done by contextualizing the mathematics being learned, providing a deeper understanding of what is being done.  The "how," is of course what is tested, but the "how," is almost never retained.  At my local school district this coming year I will be teaching a professional development course covering this topic as part of our offered 301 program.  If you'd like to participate electronically, please subscribe to the mailing list to the right.

The second thing I will provide is an outlined two year companion guide for teaching Cambridge IGCSE.  If you're an "ig-c" teacher, this will undoubtedly provide beneficial as there are no materials published to help us American teachers with this wonky British curriculum.  If you're teaching traditional American Common Core, this is still a great companion guide (my students in IGCSE pass the AZMerit at a 100% rate), that will provide enrichment materials and lessons.  After all, math is math, regardless of the name at the top of the test!

There are great websites on the internet to help students learn math or to help teachers with classroom management, materials, preparation and even complete lessons.  While those website are great for students looking to shore up some inefficiencies in procedure or maybe refresh their memory on a topic once mastered, I do not believe they offer a long term solution for those students that are really struggling.

There's a problem with how math is taught, especially in remediation.  Students don't struggle because they don't have access to the information but because they fail to integrate the information.  Students learn steps in isolation. There is no occurrence where students learn some aspect of mathematics and it is enveloped into their existing body of mathematical understanding.  This is because math is taught, too often, by way of process and procedure.

What makes this site different is that the focus here is on building conceptual foundations, from which procedure is derived.  I've spent the past decade refining my teaching methods and have struck a good balance between concept and procedure in my instruction and I'd like to share that here with other teachers and students.

Each subject covered will have a section for students and for teachers. There will be review lessons for students, with practice problems, as well as full-course lessons available for teachers.  Please visit frequently as updates are being made continually.  Also check out the blog for tips on everything from math-skills to teacher advice.

Take a moment to visit my YouTube channel where you'll find lots of great videos the go hand-in-hand with the materials on this site.

Thank you for your time,

Philip Brown

The Bearded Math Man