Welcome.  If you’re looking for information about Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics, you’ve come to the right place.  My name is Philip Brown and I’ve been teaching Cambridge IGCSE since 2011.  Other than my first cohort, I have had 100% of students be successful in the program, and over half of the A-stars awarded in the nation during that time have been my students.  I don’t mention this to brag, but to demonstrate that I know how to teach this course and believe that my results are repeatable.

I made this website to help you, the teacher, achieve similar results with your students.

Before diving into curriculum, scope and sequence, testing and such, something needs to be understood.  Cambridge IGCSE is written with an entirely different intent, and rooted in a philosophy quite foreign to American educational practices.  To be successful will require a paradigm shift in your instruction, in the understanding and behavior of students, parents and administration.  But, it is worth it!  I think you’ll find the Cambridge “way” is aligned to why you initially got into teaching.

Please take some time exploring the information that breaks down what Cambridge is, how it is different than typical American education, how the pedagogy is different, how you can help to smooth the adjustment for students, parents and administration, and so on.  Feel free to use any of the lessons, scope and sequence documents, and testing documents.

Note:  While I would love to publish tests and quizzes on the internet, students are savvy and resourceful.