Hello and welcome to the Bearded Math Man’s website.  Our mission is to support students, teachers and parents in their pursuit of improved math education outcomes.   We support this pursuit by publishing content and resources that treat topics in mathematics conceptually, with the end goal of developing mathematical literacy in students.  By developing literacy, students will, over time, acquire new learning more quickly while retaining what it is they know.  

Use the tabs above, or the icons below, to navigate through the courses offered, the blog, and the podcast.  The courses are broken down by topic, and each topic has notes, a lesson, a video (usually), and a set of practice problems.  All of the content is designed to help students become critical thinkers that are confident enough to persevere in problem solving, while learning math.

New content is being published daily.  So, if you’ve not found something you are seeking, please check back soon.  You can also keep informed as to what’s new by liking our FaceBook page.  In the mean time, let me know what you’re looking for.  Send me an email.

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