How to Study!

Can you think of a thing that more often praised, promoted as virtuous and imperative to success, yet largely remains undefined than studying?  Well, I have four easy steps you can follow to structure your studying and give you great use of your time and will produce excellent outcomes both in the short term (for your quiz), but also improve retention of difficult and elusive topics.

  1.  Set aside time.  You can't rush learning.  I'd suggest starting at least a week before your big test.  Pick a time every night where the only thing you're doing is studying, but the time period doesn't need to be long.  Twenty to thirty minutes should be long enough, provided you study with focus and for several days consecutively.

    The time is required because learning is developing your brain...can't compress the time needed to make learning permanent.

  2. Create a study guide.  List all topics that you've covered in class that might be tested.  When finished, notate which are most difficult for you.  Briefly review the topics you feel are mastered and research the rest.

    To research use the internet, your book, notes, friends and teacher.  But be focused in your questions.  Know what it is you don't know so that your teacher can actually help you!

  3. Practice Problems:  From old tests, quizzes, and homework, create a practice test of your own.  Perform the problems under testing conditions.  If notes are not allowed, don't take practice with notes.

    Pay particular attention to problems you missed on old quizzes and tests.  Learn them, figure them out!  That's the point of studying anyway, right, to learn what you don't know?  Keep practicing until you're solid!

  4.  Nail the test!

If you set aside time and follow through you'll be rock solid.  You can't control what grade you'll get, but you will have taken care of the things within your control.  You'll be confident on test day and things will go well for you.

Thanks for reading.


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