The Role of Confusion in Learning


How to Use It

This episode will discuss the role confusion plays in learning, how it is we (people) try to avoid feelings of confusion, but how they are necessary in learning.

It is when students get confused that learning begins.  While we need to give students access to correct, complete, and digestible information, that just opens the door to the learning.

The problem is, especially with young students, they resist those feelings of confusion, misunderstanding what they are and the role they play.  Many kids are taught that their academic success comes from their inherent intelligence, not what it is they do with whatever inherent intelligence they possess.

This podcast unpacks those ideas and helps you figure out what to do with them!

In the podcast a pair of videos by Derek Mueller were mentioned where he talks about the efficacy (lacking) of technology in classrooms.  Derek is not a Luddite, but access to information alone, no matter how flashy, is not what causes learning.  Quality education must expose misconception.

I use this presentation remote in my classroom.  It works wonderfully and is a great value.  If you purchase on through the link followed by clicking on the picture, a small portion of the sale will go to helping keep this site up and running, and at no extra cost to you!

Here is the TEDTalk by Sugata Mitra.  This had an enormous impact on my teaching career.  The take away is that:

  1. Students will learn what they want to learn.
  2. Students learn together.
  3. Learning is an emergent behavior.
  4. The role of the teacher is to guide and encourage.

And finally ... Episode 1:  Exposing Confusion to Promote Learning