Sometimes things don’t go well.  Students sometimes fail to rise to the challenges set for them in a class. Sometimes large groups fail in the same way!

It is important to hold the standards appropriately, not to lower them.  Students are great at Limbo!  However, all parties need to change in order for success to be realized.  Students need to change a lot of things including habits, work ethic, attitude, and so on.  We, as teachers, need to be creative in how we change our message.  The spirit of the message must remain the same, but the delivery needs to be directed towards the audience.  

This episode is all about persistence, perseverance, and creativity … of the teacher, as it is required when things go wrong!  

You can download the episode below, or from your favorite podcast app!  Please feel free to look around this website as there are new resources being added daily!   

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