Teaching Rational Exponents

Rational exponents have a connect both in notation and concept to multiplication by a fraction.  When multiplying a whole number by a fraction we are trying to determine the answer to a question about repeated addition.  When dealing with rational exponents, we are answering a question about repeated multiplication.  In this episode we explore how this all works, and how to present it to students.

To read more about teaching rational exponents, with lessons, example problems, and the like, please visit this link:  Click Here.

The transition is difficult, for all parties, but well worth it.  In this episode we discuss ways to help you and your students make the switch.  I’d encourage you to download the exponents packet.  To do so, click this link.  It is 100% free if you use the promo code “exponents4free” at check out.   

Here’s the YouTube channel for Vihart.

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