Improving Student Memory

Improving Student Recall

When students fail to recall past information or access old skills required to build new learning, teaching comes to a complete stop.  Both teachers and students are frustrated, and those that wish to derail a class pounce on the opportunity with bellows of, "I NEVER learned this!!!!"

I have posted a YouTube video, embedded below, with five tips that you can do to promote student retention or recall.  Of course there are many others that I didn't mention like bell work, additional problems assigned to homework and so on.  Regardless, in the interest of keeping the video short, I just did an overview of each of the five, which are 1, promoting deeper initial learning, 2, reading the math, 3, better note taking, 4, verbalization of ideas, and 5, quality, integrated activities and assessment materials.

But first, the video:

To read the show notes, please click here:  Show notes.